"Light is the illuminating medium.  Reflections are what we see."

Captain R Parcequedonc




On CD, we have a compilation album called:
"the Heavy Years"


which contains many of the FPG's most popular tracks, including:

the Law

In Uniform

It Breaks My Heart

Ball & Chain


among others.


Click on any of the above tracks to hear MP3 versions.


These and other tracks have been extracted and put on the compilation album.  

The CD comes complete with .wav files and sleeve notes.
    "the Heavy Years"
including: Flying Patrol Rag & Artist, 16 Tons, Millionaires in the Cabinet, Makin' Cutbacks, Tory Hordes, Banana Republic, Breaks My Heart, Highway 61, Ball and Chain, Dispossessed, The Law, Ton Ton Macoute (The Met), Radiation Cloud, In Uniform
We also have a quantity of live, bootleg recordings and videos which are in the process of being catalogued.

                     The Flying Patrol Group