"The western economic model is essentially a gambler's delight. Hysterical "investors" speculate on inflated "values" for things which ordinary people have to use day to day.  It is estimated that the additional cost of this speculation to the end user is, on average, between 800 and 1200 per cent."

Captain R Parcequedonc




The Flying Patrol Group


The founder and originator of the FPG was Captain R "RP" Parcequedonc.  


Not a natural musician, he had to work hard to get to grips with guitars and associated rough terrain technology.   


On the musical side he was substantially assisted by Captain Pete Macer who showed him a wide variety of short cuts to the basics.  These are still the basis of RP's musical knowledge.  

For a short period in the "south coast" phase, Captain Mike Busker joined up.  With the advent of the East Anglian Fayres, a return to those stomping grounds was called for.


This also included duty at demos and picket lines across the UK.  


In that time Captain Rupert Schoolboy served, as did Captain Paul Bigone and Captain Fiona Wildwoman.  For a short time Captains Des Dekker and Graham Shroom joined the ranks.


But it wasn't until Captain Bop Shuwop joined that the unit became the tight fighting machine which came to instill fear in the hearts of many of the UK's police forces. 


Most notably the Met's infamous "Special Patrol Group" which, despite all the pick handles and other weaponry found in their lockers, couldn't take the heat and disbanded shortly thereafter.


Captain Shuwop was/is a legendary guitarist in his own right and gradually gravitated towards heavy metal bands, a number of which very nearly "made it".


Occasionally Captain Tom Braggocio did sterling front line duty on demos and processions.


Briefly, Captain Tim Freshface, Captain Sonja Blogna, and Captain Sybil Twirl joined the line up.  


                     The Flying Patrol Group