"Pretend you're normal...."

Captain R Parcequedonc




The Flying Patrol Group


No, you are not mistaken.

This is the legendary night patrol,
sometimes in white suits; sometimes in black,
that you thought you saw when you were abusing substances
at demo's, festivals and raves.

Regrettably, they are no longer available for bookings (nobody can find them), but we do still have some master tapes. Three bodies of work were produced.

    "Rough Stuff"
including: Flying Patrol Rag, Makin' Cutbacks, 16 Tons, O Donna, Millionaires, Buick 6, Tory Hordes, Train to Cry, Banana Republic, Watch Tower

    "Half A Mix"
including: Reggae/Tide is High Mix, Cajun Moon, Just Like a Woman, Cuckoo Bird, St Augustine, Between the Wars, Red Berries, Mr Tambourine Man, I'm Gonna Tell You, Every Grain of Sand

    "Get Heavy"
including: Slide Number, In Uniform, The Law, Dispossessed, Ton Ton Macoute (The Met), Breaks My Heart, Highway 61, Ball and Chain, Is Your Love in Vain, In the Stillness

A selection of these have been extracted and put on CD. We now have a compilation album called:

    "the Heavy Years"
including: Flying Patrol Rag & Artist, 16 Tons, Millionaires in the Cabinet, Makin' Cutbacks, Tory Hordes, Banana Republic, Breaks My Heart, Highway 61, Ball and Chain, Dispossessed, The Law, Ton Ton Macoute (The Met), Radiation Cloud, In Uniform

We also have a quantity of live, bootleg recordings which are in the process of being catalogued.


                     The Flying Patrol Group